About us

About us

Audio Distribution Benelux BV (ADB) is an independent company which is part of the Esprolite Group of companies. In 2016 she took over the responsibility for the distribution of LAN Sound Systems and KIND Audio amplifiers for the Benelux as well as authorized pro reseller of Bose professional products, system integrator Pro Audio Yamaha and dealer of Algram Benelux.

LAN is an Italian loudspeaker brand founded in 1990 by Dino Manfredda and Marco Boglio. Dino is a wellknown sound engineer in Italy. Based on requests of sound technicians in Italy they started to develop compact floor monitors with a high feedback resistance. The first in 1990 developed ST646 floor monitor was discontinued in 2016. After completion the monitor range they started developing the so called Front of House systems. Priority was intelligibility, compactness and afordable. LAN’s philosophy is to produce cabinets that sounds well without the use of digital sound processors (DSP). Each cabinet can be driven by any amplifier brand without DSP (www.lanaudio.eu).

LAN was reluctant with the development of line array systems because they first wanted to fully understand the purpose of such systems. After in deep R&D and deliberation they developed the Lanarray210 system which distinguishes it selves from other brands by a deep throw, phase clear behaviour and Plug&Play. Moreover the cabinets are compact, light and very easy to handle. In 2017 the Lanarray206 (after 3 years of R&D) was ready for production and LAN finally introduced active systems. Each speaker sounds equal and can be used simultaneously as e.g. front/side fill, delay line or reinforcement in other rooms. ADB is in direct contact with LAN management and is incorporated in the development of new products. LAN has a global footprint and is comparable with every top brand in the pro Audio landscape.

KIND audio developed the Greenline amplifiers ranging from 100V to 4 channel 10.000W. In practice these amps do work dozens of years without problems and the quality is comparable with other high standing brands. Besides, the retail price makes the amps very attractive and if a repair might be necessary our close contact with the manufacturer guarantees a short repair time (www.kindaudio.com).

Bose selected ADB as one of their few PRO resellers in the Netherlands. ADB is fully certified and trained to represent the Bose products correctly. The Bose system design and aftersales centre is always at their disposal. In applicable installation projects complete technical designs are drafted in which upfront is clarified which speakers fit best for each location where sound is needed. A sound simulation makes it possible for you to listen upfront how the sound will be at your location.

Yamaha selected ADB as dealer for their audio products for which several training session needed to be followed. ADB is heading for the sales of the Yamaha mixing consoles who’s quality and versatility is well-known.

AB Algam a hug French distributor added ADB as dealer for HK Audio, Celestion, Fosusrite, Cordial for the northern part of the Netherlands. HK is meant to be for users who primarily have less requirements than LAN offers but who still wants quality for their money. HK offers a broad range of (active) mobile audio systems ranging from a tiny Lucas Nano set up to the professional ConTour, Cohedra  or Cosmo (available in 2019), line arrays.

ADB can arrange a session at your place or at ABD’s. Also the possibility exists to test the systems yourselves during an (your) event free of charge or to do an A/B/C comparison.